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Our principles of trust, dedication and transparency are grounded by over 120 years in the food production business by our founding shareholders of Purely Canada Foods™.

All of our food starts with a seed. For five generations we have found ways to create unique, healthy varieties that give people all the nutrients they need. Our food is whole by nature's design. We know every step of its journey from our fields to people's plates. We know its impact on the environment, we know who's touched it, we know its whole story. And we tell it proudly.

Purely Canada Foods operates near Regina, SK and Battle River, AB to provide whole foods reliably and safely. Physical assets include railway infrastructure, large grain storage terminals, private railcar fleet, and strategic farm acres that allows Purely Canada Foods to provide reliability and agility to ensure the best possible service in the grain supply chain.

Our goals at Purely Canada Foods:

  • To provide quality ingredients to our international customers. Purely Canada Foods has cultivated long standing relationships with our customers in niche and boutique markets by providing sustainably grown, identity preserved commodities for quality assurance.
  • Early producer engagement and pre-planned acres, to meet customer’s needs and ensure we are ahead of the trends in world food consumption. As many of the producers are shareholders in the railway and owners of the loading facilities, our producers are invested in every level, from growing to shipping.
  • Providing better selling experiences for our grain producers. We aim to provide flexible delivery options at our facilities and quicker payment than the old producer car model. We also offer a free Harvest Sample Program, allowing our producers to know the quality of their harvested grain, to manage marketing options and grain deliveries.
  • To provide value-added processing to Canadian grown crops. Purely Canada Foods has heard the call to action to ensure Canadian crops are grown, processed and exported with nutrition, the well-being of animals and our ecological footprint in mind.
  • To provide plant-based protein alternatives to families striving for a healthier way of life. The COVID-19 pandemic raised consumer awareness of the fragility of the meat production supply chain causing the global demand for plant-based protein to increase.

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